08 January 2014

Point of View

Since I walk around with a decent camera on me most of the time, I've been attempting to make use of it beyond taking pictures of old cars. You have already seen some of these experiments, such as this Orange Line train, construction in Downtown Crossing, or these rooftop shots.

T stations are not the most photogenic locations, but waiting around for 20 to 30 minutes for a bus can be a catalyst for creativity. The other day I was standing next to a concrete pillar at Wellington when I noticed a pipe running down it, and a groove in the concrete where the sections of concrete were joined together. I leaned over and looked through the space between the pipe and the groove, and then thought to take a photo of it:
I think this would have come out better if I had a more sophisticated camera like a digital SLR, but considering that the iPhone's camera has a fixed lens I think it's all right. Also, there is a bus shelter directly across from where I was aiming, so that's the blurry thing you are seeing at the end of the groove; I think the shot may have worked better if that area was open. There are now lens attachments for smartphones that offer wide-angle and macro capabilities, and I may give them a try at some point.

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