10 January 2014

Retro Video Unit (1/10/14)

I've been up in the (YouTube) attic again, digging around for one of those rare power-pop nuggets. And I found one, all right, though in this instance it's more about the song than the video clip.

The Monroes were a San Diego band that had a moderate hit in 1982 with "What Do All the People Know?" They were on their way to what could have been a very successful run when the Japan-based label with which they had chosen to sign decided to abandon the American market, leaving the band without the ability to promote its recently released EP. (Info courtesy Wikipedia)

The entry says this happened while the band was working on ideas for a music video for this song, which means there isn't an official video. There is, however, a live appearance on The Merv Griffin Show that showcases the song pretty well:

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