07 January 2014

Last Week in Awesome (1/4/14)

Arrrgh... I had a full complement of TWiA ready to go for this past weekend, but I admit I got caught up in the NFL playoff games and before I knew it, the weekend was gone.

This one isn't of interest to me, but I bet a bunch of people would enjoy being able to play hundreds of classic console video games in a web browser. (Business Insider via Boy Genius Report)

Speaking of flashbacks, have a look at an L.L. Bean holiday catalog circa 1983. (Heavy Tweed Jacket; thanks to DC)

I suppose it was inevitable: there's a Downton Abbey LEGO set. (Vanity Fair via TV Tattle)

And finally last week, a collection of some of last year's outstanding online writing. (The Verge)

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