22 May 2014

About That Beer

Last week I expressed my excitement at the arrival of Narragansett's new Del's Lemonade Shandy. You don't have to be from Rhode Island to enjoy it, but it helps.

So how's it taste? Refreshing. Like Mike's Hard Lemonade wishes it might taste if it ever grows up. That's the most obvious point of comparison, but it's better because it doesn't have the sweetness of Mike's. It's Gansett lager with natural lemon flavor, just like it says on the can, and that's what it tastes like. It's crisp and light, and very pleasant, perfect for warm weather.

And it's only 5% alcohol, so it's going to go down smooth and not make you feel too weighted down, but at this point in my life I rarely drink more than one beer a day anyway.


Anonymous said...

What is machine next to Narragansett Shandy Beer? Just curious thats all! Me

Some Assembly Required said...

Coffee grinder.