10 May 2014

This Week in Awesome (5/10/14)

Can it be? A TWiA sighting on a Saturday? Whoa...

Next week the broadcast TV networks will be announcing their new shows for next season, but this article from New York magazine argues that this approach to programming is less relevant than ever. (Vulture)

Speaking of TV, if you're wondering how things are going for John Oliver in his new home on HBO, this clip shows that the answer is "just fine." (Kempt)

The way we dress has changed drastically over the past 60 years or so. Though this piece applies mainly to women, it's a well-considered examination of the societal shifts that prompted these changes. (Time via Put This On)

The folks at Thrillist were kind enough to do the heavy (pint) lifting and assembled a map of bars based on their proximity to T stations. (Thrillist via Universal Hub)

And finally this week, a look at our planet from space, courtesy of NASA. (Boy Genius Report)

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