26 May 2014

Long Weekend in Awesome (5/24/14)

Is it really Monday? It feels like time slowed down the past couple of days. Oh well...

The just-concluded half-season of Mad Men has featured the firm working to land the account of Burger Chef, a real chain that at the time was larger than Burger King. I'm old enough to remember visits to Burger Chef restaurants from my childhood (visits to any sort fast-food place were fairly rare events when I was growing up), though I don't have any recollection of them fading away.

Adding a little extra flavor to the story, the location used to film the final scene of "The Strategy," in which Peggy takes Don and Pete to a Burger Chef to show them why her idea for the campaign will work, was filmed at an actual former Burger Chef location (and is coincidentally just a few miles from where the Mrs. grew up). (Franklin Avenue) And if you haven't seen it, this article about that episode is excellent. (Vulture)

And finally this week, these two articles presented themselves to me within a few hours of each other, and after reading both I realized that I should share them with you together: the first will make you angry (or, at least, should make you angry), and it's telling that it's from a Canadian magazine; the second is, in some ways, an answer to the first. (Maclean's via Dappered; CNN)

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