03 May 2014

Retro Video Unit (5/2/14)

These are supposed to get posted on Fridays. I know this, and I thought of it a couple of times yesterday but it still got away from me. Middle age...

Anyway, The Motels came up in conversation recently. I knew I had posted a clip of them some time back; turns out it was almost three years ago, and since I've always felt they were an underrated band I think they deserve another mention.

Now, the songs that got some radio airplay in the early '80s had videos that were, well, I guess "stylized" is a fair way to put it. Of course, some of that is due to the director, and let's be honest: most music videos back then were at least a bit silly, but that's part of what made that time so memorable.

So, without ironic detachment or apology, let's look at the videos for the hits "Only the Lonely" (1982) and "Suddenly Last Summer" (1983).

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