05 May 2014

Last Week in Awesome (5/3/14)

I had everything ready, I just didn't have the time to put it together. As Liz Lemon used to say, blerg...

A very nicely done Boston time-lapse video made the rounds last week. (Vimeo via Univesal Hub) Then boston dot com offered up a selection of other Boston-centric time-lapse clips (some of which are more interesting than others).

People of Walmart stopped posting new content a couple of years ago, but fortunately we have a local variant. (UH)

Another Rolling Stone list in slideshow form, this one on cult TV comedies. (There may or may not be bad links in this; I had trouble getting it to work properly.)

New York magazine's Vulture blog is running an excellent series of essays by Roots drummer Questlove on hip-hop and how it has failed black America (part 1; part 2). In addition to his talents as a musician, he's a compelling writer with a deep understanding of the subject. (Four more installments will appear each week on Tuesday.)

And finally this week, a Mad Men story with a slightly different angle: show creator Matthew Weiner does an interview with Interior Design magazine about the show's set designs. (Basket of Kisses)

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