17 September 2014

Autumn Approaches

The weather around here has been quite wonderful for the past week and a half or so. No need for air conditioning, and there were a couple of nights that we had to close all the windows because it got quite chilly. I even wore jeans a couple of days, though I'm back to wearing shorts today.

Every year I look forward to the point when summer starts to fade. This year it happened earlier than I was expecting, but of course that doesn't mean we are done with warm weather. The climate isn't that linear, and it never has been. We're guaranteed to hit 80 at least a couple more times between now and Columbus Day; in fact the forecast is suggesting that will happen this Sunday.

I wish I could handle warmer weather better, but I just don't, and that isn't going to change. I accept it and I own it. Beachgoers look forward to July and August; I look forward to October and November.

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