24 September 2014

More Thoughts on Getting Dressed

Back in the winter, I went on some interviews and shared some thoughts about dressing up. Over the past week or so I've been interviewing again and doing related things, and I have a few more thoughts on the subject of business dress.

I managed to lose a second tie bar; I have no idea how. I don't know how I lost the first one. I do know now that the slide-on style is easier to lose than the pinch style. Despite this, I still feel like my outfit is incomplete without a tie bar.

Even though you've gone to some effort to look good, no one is going to compliment you on your attire (though I did receive a compliment from a barista about my sun hat). If an interviewer said, "I like your tie" it would probably make me feel weird.

I used to think that having my shirt sleeves be a bit too long was a misstep, but having unintentionally worn a shirt with sleeves that were a bit too short, I now think that's worse. No one is likely to notice this other than me, but I now think it's better if a little extra shirt cuff is showing rather than my bony wrists.

I still don't care for white dress shirts. I need a bit of color between my suit and my face. You don't have to wear a white shirt to look professional and appropriate. A solid blue or pink shirt will go with almost any suit. That said, I also don't care for that really pale blue (sometimes called ice blue) that so many businessmen choose for their dress shirts; I like a blue with a bit more presence and punch, but the brighter french blues are seemingly out of style now.

It's difficult to find ties that are subdued enough but also have some color and personality. I have some very nice ties that are just a bit too bold in color, pattern, or both to be interview-appropriate. Polka dots and small-scale geometric designs are working well for me.

Previously I was concerned about not having a dressy black belt, but suspenders are a much better option—if you've had the buttons sewn into the pants.

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