19 September 2014

Two Wheels Folded

Yesterday on the Orange Line I saw a guy with one of those folding bicycles. That struck me as a particularly good idea for dealing with bringing a bike on the subway. Even if customers aren't allowed to bring their bikes on the T during peak hours, a bicycle is still a large and awkward item to deal with maneuvering into and out of a subway car.

I have no idea how much a folding bike weighs, or how much of a cost penalty there is over a regular bicycle, but it is a smart solution in terms of the logistics of physical handling. And I suppose it's easier to deal with when you arrive at your destination as well, e.g. you could keep it in your office instead of having to lock it outside.


Adam Gaffin said...

Bicycles on the Orange Line? How quaint! http://www.universalhub.com/2014/do-you-think-he-took-elevator-or-just-rode-stairs

Some Assembly Required said...

Yeah, I was going to make a reference to that but ended up deciding not to take it there. What's next, two dudes with a sofa?