27 September 2014

This Week in Awesome (9/27/14)

I know my weekend posts have been somewhat irregular. I was kind of busy last weekend, and I also didn't have the amount of material I aim for. But now this week, including the stuff I'd found for last week, I have a ton of stuff.

Sesame Street continues to be the best thing ever, even if you aren't a kid (sometimes it's more enjoyable if you're an adult, because you get the jokes aimed at the grown-ups). (The Verge)

I have plenty of issues and gripes with tech-industry culture; this is just one of them. (Esquire Style Blog)

Here's another example of manufacturing coming back to the USA, but in a less expected product category. (Portland Press-Herald via Consumerist)

All of us have consumed at least one of the beers on this list at some point. I happen to like #8 quite a bit, but I still can't stand #2. Others I had no idea were still being made. (Esquire Food Blog)

I haven't seen True Detective yet, but I'd watch the hell out of this. (Funny or Die via The A.V. Club)

A thoughtful piece on wearing clothing with specific cultural significance. (Interrupt via Put This On)

I am in agreement with the views expressed in this article. (Business Insider via Dappered)

And finally this week, if you are interested in the technical aspects of movie making and have a couple of hours of free time, I suggest you take a look over here. (Dappered)

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