15 September 2014

This Week in Awesome (9/14/14)

Sorry folks, busy this weekend. This week's collection is somewhat TV- and media-focused.

Vulture has been looking back at the 1994-95 TV season, which is 20 years old but in many ways seems like twice that far away. Here's a bunch of uncomfortably awkward promo spots. If you watch even a couple of these, you will feel old.

If you watch Archer, you know that Sterling Archer is a big movie fan. Someone went to the trouble to compile a playlist of all the movies mentioned in the show. (Vunify via The A.V. Club)

Another bit from Vulture: an interactive graphic tracking all the types of relationships between the various characters on Orange Is the New Black.

A tumblr collection of black-and-white photo oddities? Sure. (@Midnight)

And finally this week, Billy Eichner was a guest on Late Show, and brought one of his "Billy on the Street" games to play with Dave.

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