07 September 2014

This Week in Awesome (9/6/14)

I was all set to do this last night, not sure what happened... anyway, to make up for not posting a TWiA last weekend, I have an extra-large helping this time.

Remember how when CDs came out we were told the contents would last indefinitely? Yeah, not so much. (NPR via Dappered)

When's the last time you heard or saw the word "metrosexual"? (The Awl)

Probably my favorite video of the past week. (Mashable via The A.V. Club)

Kids' meals that are definitely not for kids. (The A.V. Club; see more, including some more kid-friendly designs, here.)

Here's an interesting series of photographs by a woman who poses with strangers. (Esquire Culture Blog; more from the artist here.)

And finally this week, a topic close to the hearts of most Bostonians: which city in the US has the worst drivers? That depends on how the data is interpreted, but this argument is pretty well reasoned. Masshole pride only goes so far. (Slate via The Truth About Cars)

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