20 April 2015

Car Stuff: Drive-By Cruise-In

Last summer I caught sight of this weekly cruise-night event while visiting my family, but was unable to stop to view the cars that were in attendance. I got only this one quick shot, unfortunately through the car window smeared with dog dribble:
I can identify most of these cars (no thanks to the Camry that got in the way). From the left, there's a 1967-68 Ford Mustang; a 1976-77 Chevrolet Corvette (based on the nameplate badge between the tail lights, and the lack of the larger rear window that appeared for 1978); what appears to be a pair of Chevy Nova SS's from 1970-72 (originally I thought the one on the right with the spoiler was a '68 Chevelle SS, but they look too similar); a 1964 Mercury Comet convertible that appears to be the same color as the one in this brochure image; and a 1955 Ford Fairlane.

I'm hoping to get back this summer, though this particular event takes place on Fridays, so it will depend on work schedules and whether or not the Mrs. and I can take a Friday off. And no, I have no idea if the $8.95 lobster roll is any good, but my instinct would be to avoid it.

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