18 April 2015

Retro Video Unit (4/17/15)

After I assembled the Spotify playlist, I added a couple of songs that I haven't yet posted here. (It was tempting to keep going and add a lot more, but I decided to hold back...)

This week's selection is one of those songs, and also one that I couldn't find a video for the first time I looked for it. That must have been a while ago, as it says it was posted to YouTube two years ago.

Fischer-Z (pronounced "zed," not "z") was an early New Wave band from London. It's likely I heard this song played on WBCN way back in 1980 when their second album was released, and like so much of the music of that era it has stayed with me even though I never owned the album. From Going Deaf for a Living, this is "So Long."

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