25 April 2015

Retro Video Unit, Concert Edition (4/24/15)

When I found that U2 video a few weeks back, I also found this month's concert installment. And as a bonus, it's local: U2 live at TD Garden from their 2001 Elevation tour.

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unitedstyle said...

I waited 2 hours with my wife in line at a Tower Records to buy tickets for that tour. By the time I got my turn, 2 shows had already sold out and a third had been added and was down to single seat tickets. I had been a fan since high school when the Joshua Tree had just come out, but through various circumstances through the years, I was never able to make it to a tour until then. My wife wasn't as big a fan as I was, so she said she would skip the concert and to go ahead and buy a single ticket. I was way on the other side of the stadium, in the upper level, but when they walked out on stage those 14 years of waiting almost made me burst into tears. That was in April 2001. I took my wife to see them on the second leg of the tour, which began a few weeks after 9/11. Our show was roughly 2 months after and you could feel that everyone, band and audience, were trying to use this music to try and make sense of the world we all suddenly were living in. They scrolled the names of the victims around the interior of the stadium during "One" and the enormity of the loss just hit everyone. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. We saw them again on the Vertigo tour, but for me, the Elevation tour was their best.