09 March 2015

Car Stuff: Brick on Bricks

Roving contributor A Proper Bostonian spotted this week's vehicle in one of the Back Bay's alleys:
Volvo built this basic design, with periodic refinement and restyling, from the late 1960s into the early 1990s. They were a common enough sight on the roads when I was growing up, but they aren't seen much anymore in this area.

This example is from the early 1970s (I think it's a '72 based on the door handles, vent windows, grille, and bumpers) and looks well used but still roadworthy and serviceable. While highly regarded for their durability, time tends to wear out cars in New England, and most of these have probably gone to the crusher by now, which makes it even more pleasant to see this one still being used.

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