30 March 2015

Car Stuff: Random Sighting #36

The timing of a traffic light can make the difference between seeing a car and being able to get a picture or two of it. This has happened to me on at least two occasions while I was waiting for the bus on my corner.

The road the bus route runs on is a fairly major non-highway route that many people use to get through Medford to Somerville and Cambridge, which increases the odds of someone being out driving in something interesting when I happen to be waiting for the bus. When I commuted on a regular schedule I used to see a 1964 Chevrolet pass by at least once a month, but it was long before it occurred to me to start taking photos of cars.
On this particular day I had just enough time to get my phone out, so this is technically not a "full" Random Sighting, but I'm classifying it that way because it was definitely random. This is from last June, and it was more interesting to me because the car is a 1967 Pontiac LeMans and not, as I originally thought, a GTO. I wish I'd been closer, but from just these two pics I can tell this car is exceptionally well kept.
More LeMans hardtop coupes were probably made that year, but more GTOs probably survive today because of their performance-car status and higher value, so a stock LeMans is the car you're less likely to see, especially on the road and not at a car show.

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