23 March 2015

Car Stuff: Outside My Window

One Sunday morning last fall, I heard the distinctive idling of a large diesel engine out on the street in front of our house. I peeked outside and saw a tractor-trailer loaded with two classic cars. It's possible the driver was lost, or was checking directions, but the truck remained outside long enough for me to grab my phone and get a couple of shots.
Both cars were Mercury Capris from the early 1970s, so I kind of think they were on their way to a single destination. (It's not uncommon for vintage car purchases to come with a second parts car.) The Capri was a European model Ford, built in Germany, that was in many ways a continental interpretation of the original Mustang. (You can read a nice history of the Capri over at Curbside Classic.)
This is a car I've always liked. I knew someone in college who had owned one, but I never got to ride in it. They are somewhat scarce but not impossible to find, and definitely under the radar as far as the vintage car market is concerned. Wherever these two were going, I'm envious of the recipient.

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