16 March 2015

Last Couple of Weeks in Awesome, Forgetfulness Edition

I'm not sure what's been happening on weekends. On weeks that I have something to share, it's always my goal to post TWiA on Saturday, but it almost never happens. And then when it gets to be Sunday night at 11:30, I don't always feel like getting into it at that point. So these are varying degrees of old, which means many of you will have seen at least some of them already...

Another delightful, spot-on parody from Sesame Street. (The Verge)

For the obsessively inclined, a miniature reproduction of Mulder and Scully's office from The X-Files. (The A.V. Club)

Okay, so I read a lot of stuff on the A.V. Club, and maybe not so much elsewhere as I used to, but there is a lot of decent writing about a range of subjects. For example, this "Primer" article on UK synth-pop is comprehensive, and led me to this worthwhile BBC documentary (also embedded at the bottom of the article) on the subject.

Also related to music (and also via the A.V. Club), a synthesizer you can use right in your web browser.

And finally this... time, a new tumblr recounting the type of inquiries one gets when one works at a media outlet. Not much content yet, but I hope there will be more. (Universal Hub)

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