01 August 2012

Watch Wednesday Upgrade Update #3

When I first posted this watch back in November, I said that I thought if I was going to have one watch on a metal bracelet, it would be this style. But I found that I wasn't wearing it much, and after Orient offered to send me a watch to review a few months ago and I chose the Mako diver on a metal bracelet, I figured I could go ahead and replace the bracelet on this watch.

Instead of my usual leather strap, I decided to go with the more of-the-moment style of a colorful nylon one-piece strap. Sometimes these are called NATO straps, and there are other similar ones called Zulu (the hardware is slightly different).
Although this one looks slightly orange, it is red. It's nice to have a bit of color on your wrist, especially during the summer. As a bonus, this type of strap is much more comfortable to wear in warm, humid weather. I also got a gray one that is somewhat more subdued looking, and I would like to get one in royal blue but haven't been able to find one yet.

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